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Yesterday, in a stolen moment, I was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. I needed to get up to check on a twin and left the coffee sitting there. A big no no with Reagan up and about.

When I came back, I found her stirring my coffee with the blue nasal syringe that had recently been used to suction someone's nose. Mark said it was likely Reagan stuck it up her nose prior to stirring. I am glad I caught her doing it before I sat down to have another sip!

This is my first post since my arrival in Texas. There is rarely a free minute when all is quiet. Reagan is napping upstairs, Kari is working on her Nanny interview list, Mark is sleeping and the twins are lying on Mark and Kari's bed with their arms thrown back in deep sleep. Rylee is watching cartoons and here is my chance to let everyone know that things are much less chaotic.

It is so exciting to see Madison and Jordan looking so good. They look like real, healthy babies. Such a dramatic difference from NICU. We are now feeding them when they are hungry instead of every three hours. Their faces are round, pink and healthy. They hold their heads up, push with their feet and track with their eyes. Truly miraculous.

We have all had a really good scare and are still vigilant about making sure all is well. Kari has two charts that we keep to record what is going on. It is hard to remember which twin ate last and how much. They also are on three different medications that have to be administered on a regular schedule.

We have split up the duties. Mark is still on the night shift and wakes me at 5 a.m. to take over until Kari gets up.

The wildest time of day is between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. when the twins need to be fed, Rylee and Reagen need to be changed and fed, Bunker and Bogey are hungry and need to be let out and the cat needs food and water. The second wildest is between dinner and bedtime. The girls seem to need lots of attention at these times.

Off the subject of babies. Bunker and Bogie had a little outing yesterday. I let them out not realizing that the gate had been left open by the yard people. They had quite a romp before they were finally rounded up about an hour later. They showed no remorse that I could tell.

Thanks to Mac who is glad I am able to be here to help. Luckily he is extremely busy but it can be lonely holding down the fort alone. He was a huge help when here. Wish he could have stayed longer.

I am hopeful that the painting project will be complete before Halloween. With the blinds up at night and the lights on inside the room it looks like Halloween. They are painting the walls a rich cayenne color. The Sherwin Williams paint has been lousy, however. It has taken 5 gallons and we are still not done.

Well, it is almost lunch time. More later.


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