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Spencer Angel List

Keep in mind that some of these things we can do ourselves if someone wants to feed and console the twins or entertain the toddlers.

1. Nanny Contacts
We need a nanny. But there are issues with this. We don't know where to start or know what we need. Do we get one just to handle Ry and Rea? Just to handle the twins? What duties do we expect them to do? What is reasonable? What days and hours? Any input on these questions will help us decide. Our decision making skills basically suck at this point. Also any references for a nanny is needed.
ANGELS: Kelly (Contact) Terra (Wonderful contact!) Nannies are hired!!!!!!!!!

2. Lawn Service We need basic mowing and edging. But we also need our flower beds weeded and hedges trimmed. Reasonable price and dependable.
ANGELS: I found a service!! Completed! Uncle Chad and Auntie Michelle

3. Cleaning Service Once a week for bathrooms (toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, floors, mirrors), vacuuming, mopping, counters, etc.
ANGELS: My wonderful nannies are helping!

4.One (or more) Time Laundry day Stain treated, washed, dried, folded, hung and put away in its proper place.
ANGELS: Grandmom

5. Sprinkler system Someone to figure out and program our sprinkler system
ANGELS: Papa Wayne

6. Books Place all of our books high on shelves in an organized manner.
ANGELS: Grandmom

7. Moving Boxes Still a few that haven't been opened and things placed
ANGELS: Grandmom

8. Pictures They need to be hung on the walls

9. Schedules I need EXCEL spreadsheets of a day/week schedule for Rylee and Reagan. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Naps, Coloring, Outside play, Baths, Indoor play, Snacks, Teeth Brushed, Etc)
ANGELS: Kelly (Provided info)

10. One (or more) time toys organization day organize toys, puzzles, reading books, coloring books, markers
ANGELS: Grandmom

11. Paint upstairs bathroom I already have the paint for it.

12. Paint one guest room I already have the paint for this, but must know there is a layer of wallpaper needing to be removed.

13. Paint Dining Room I already have the paint for it.
ANGELS: Papa Mac and Daddy!

14. Wax my legs Okay, find me a place and time to get my legs waxed. I don't have time to shave everyday.

15. Tell me shower to get the vomit out of my hair

16. One time Refrigerators We need them cleaned out and organized
ANGELS: Grandmom

17. Garage organized
ANGELS: Papa Mac and Grandmom

18. Prayers for sanity strength patience and humor
ANGELS: Too many to write down, I'm sure to miss someone.

19. Dr Browns Y-CUT Nipples
ANGELS: Purchased Complete!


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