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3:45 a.m. and the twins have not shut their eyes since about 10:30 p.m. They are both groaning pitifully at the moment and I am out of ideas to make them happy. Okay, now I am holding Madison, she broke into a full on cry and is acting like she might vomit. Speaking of that.

I have taken every precaution. I now burp the girls in the bathroom and I am very careful about not feeding them too much. Well tonight I have been ganged up on all evening. I usually try to feed one at a time but there has been no way to keep them both quiet without feeding them together. Even when they are fed, burped, and changed they are not happy. I have tried swaddled, unswaddled, in the swing, in the bed, on the belly, on the back, on the side, rocking, bouncing, singing and now they are both on the bed next to me. (Still not happy really, though they are not screaming at the moment)

Anyway, at 2:00 they were both screaming and I fed them together. Each propped up on a pillow on the bed. It is a little hard on the back that way, but they were both quiet while the bottles were in their mouths. I took turns burping them and was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting through with no vomit. Then Madison gagged. So I took her to the bathroom and patted her and got one big very wet burp. Then BOOM! But this time is wasn't on me. Jordan, who had been laying quietly on the bed, erupted like a volcano. I kind of wish it made that boom sound. It was really more like someone dumped a pitcher of water on the bed from about three feet above. Kind of a splatting sound.

It was a bad one, out the nose and she turned pretty red by the time I put Madison down and got over to her. She obviously couldn't breath and it took what seemed like a very long time to clear her airway. She is doing good now, but I think she might be hungry again and I am scared to feed her. With as much as she spits up I am amazed that she is still gaining weight. I think that Kari said Jordan is 9.5 lbs and Madison is now 10.5 lbs. Now the sheets are changed, again, and the girls are changed, again, and my shift is almost over.

In other news...

Kari awoke this morning to the screams of a disgruntled toddler. Still bleary eyed, she stumbled to the bathroom. As she glanced at the toilet she noticed something white protruding above the rim of that porcelain bowl. Her first thought was that I must have clogged the toilet and just left it for her to discover. I wouldn't do that. Upon closer inspection she found that the toilet bowl had been filled with tampons and maxipads that had been stored at low altitude. Apparently Reagan thought that Rylee has been getting too much press and had to get in on the action while Grandmom was busy with the twins.

Papa should be in this morning. We can't wait to see him.

Jordan was hungry. And they are both fussing again.


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