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Sunday afternoon races

The crowd gathers for the Sunday afternoon street race.

Rylee, having just set a new record in the quarter block tricycle event, throws down a challenge to her younger sister. "There is no way that you can beat that time, Reagan."

Never one to turn down a challenge replied "I can take you any day."

Rylee points out the starting line.

Reagan gets into position and revs the engine.

One last minute check by race officials for any illegal modifications. "I don't think that bag is sanctioned."

Reagan surveys the track and mentally prepares herself.

She finally puts on her racing face and hits the gas.

At the finish line the pit crew unstraps "Racin Reagan" from her machine. The judges compare the times and it is a tie.

Reagan gives the crowd one last smile before heading to the post race celebration.

Heading to drivers party to tap a keg of apple juice.


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