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The opponents have gone mobile and can now attack from unexpected directions. You really have to watch were you step. It is not uncommon now to set a baby down on the floor, go get a bottle and then have to make a room to room search for said baby.

Jordan especially has taken to the crawling and seems pretty pleased with herself for figuring that out. Madison, as usual, is about a week behind. She can skooch across the room, but her technique needs some work.

They have also gotten pretty good at moving about in their walkers. They can work up a pretty good head of steam from one end of the kitchen to the other. Whoever designed those walkers either has a sense of humor or is a moron. The bottom of those walkers are just the right height to glide over your toes gash the sensitive skin on the top of your foot. More than once I have been forced to throw myself in front of an onrushing walker and subject my feet to sever damage to save a toddler who was playing carelessly in the middle of the thoroughfare/kitchen. It makes me uneasy thinking of when they turn sixteen and want to drive. Right now they are utterly reckless, a down right menace, showing complete disregard for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Rylee and Reagan both continue to amaze me. Even taking into account my obvious bias, I think that they are both very bright. Rylee is very organized and likes to have her toys placed in patterns, symmetrically, when she plays. She has gotten into puzzles and surprised me with how well she was doing with a 100 piece jigsaw. Her vocabulary is expanding rapidly, even to include one four letter word that Kari let slip while changing Madison and finding no diapers and no wipes after removing a very soiled diaper.

Reagan is picking up many words also and likes to do everything that Rylee does, much to Rylee's chagrin. You know that your brother or sister always has the better toy. Pushing is still an issue with both of them, but Rylee is usually the instigator. However, they can play nice and do spend plenty of time chasing each other around the house.

The big girls have gotten in the habit of coming down stairs and crawling into bed with us first thing in the morning, I love it.


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