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Progress every where!

Sorry for not updating sooner. Both Mark and I have had annoying colds, but we seem to be on the mend. Reagan had a slight fever for a few evenings and got picky with her eating, but she is now back to herself. I think she would eat all day if we let her. Rylee started running a slight fever last night and was not her self, but seems to be maintaining. Luckily the twins have shown no signs of sickness.

My doctor appointment got moved to April 30th, because the appointment desk screwed up. Now I have to wait longer to see what is going on, but the nurse said if the pain got bad, she has a prescript ready.

Mark got a lot of the play gym done, but it seems like there is a lot more to go. Not a very good project for instant gratification.

Hilda is leaving Friday for Mexico. It is bittersweet. We love her and the girls are gonna miss her, but it will be nice to get our family back to "normal" chaos.

Rylee keeps getting taller. I have been trying to get her dresses for this summer for ease with the big girl potty and her self reliant behavior. I bought her 3T, too short. Then 4T, again too short. I think it depends on where I buy them. The discount stores seem to run smaller than say Gymboree. She is still very into her art and amazes me each day.

Reagan has become more motherly with her babies. She mimics everything we do with the twins. On the other hand, I keep wondering why I am not losing weight. Coloring on the walls, "No!" She giggles, then runs full speed to the kleenex box. Pulls multiple kleenex out, "No!" She giggles, then runs at full speed and pulls a plug out of a wall. "NO!" Giggle. Run. What next? Repeat.

Madison and Jordan saw the great Dr. Vardabedian, Pediatric GI specialist. He switched some meds. They are still on 15mg Prevacid in the morning, but now on Bethanechol three times a day. We have seen great improvement. Of course there are still some symptoms, but not near crisis at all. He will see them again early June. If they are still having reflux symptoms at that age then he will look at other avenues. Parenting Solved is his website blog and I have found great information and humor along with other sites he has noted regarding moms and parents.

Both Madison and Jordan are doing great things. Madison seems to be 3 to 7 days behind Jordan, but catches up quickly. Jordan is sitting up on her own very well and braces herself from falling. Madi sits well, but we still need to be close at hand for the backward lunge. Madi is rocking on her hands and knees, and JoJo is rocking and moving forward. They are both trying to crawl and climb up on things. Yes I have noticed more grey hairs on my head! They are doing very well on Stage 3 foods and some table foods. They scarf down cheerios and puffs. Texture doesn't seem to be a problem, which is a very good sign for their reflux. They are both finding their voices. Madi has said Ma and Ba, but Jo Jo will "talk" to everyone and anything. Jo Jo had a deep loving conversation with the couch pillow the other night. Hugs, kisses, and sweet nothings.

All in all I think we are doing very well, and all of our girls are amazing. It's hard to keep up with them, but I have a strong sensation they are gonna keep us young, even though we may grey and have aches and pains.


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