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Words don't do justice to the frustration.

The reflux issues have peaked, and I don't know why. We are back to the twins screaming in terror when you put a bottle in front of their faces. Even leaning her back into a position that you could feed her causes her to burst into screams of protest. This morning Madison woke at 5 a.m. Usually, when they wake in the night they will eat several oz and go back to sleep. She would not even allow the nipple in her mouth. I know that she must be hungry, she has had only 4 oz since 4:45 p.m. yesterday. I finally got her to go back to sleep in the swing after an hour of trying to get her to eat.

I am due to start a trip this morning and I am concerned about the kids and my wife. Kari was talking about taking the twins to the hospital today. However, she didn't want me to call in sick for my trip and didn't want me to have more nannies come over today. I am not sure how the logistics are going to work there.

I was fearful of having tubes run down their throats again, but at this point I am willing to try anything if it will make them feel better.

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  1. Priscilla said...
    Oh, you guys!! I am soo sorry you are having such awful problems with the girls and not wanting to eat. I wish I lived closer so I could do SOMETHING to help. :(

    Priscilla in Austin from the OLU boards. ((HUG))

    I am so sorry I haven't called lately but it sounded like things were getting really hectic for you. I just wanted to go ahead and let you guys know I am having my 2nd baby boy on May 20th.

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