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This is what the GI specialist says to us after we spent ten minutes explaining what is going on. I was thinking "Great, this guy is going to tell us that we are morons, the kids are fine, and send us packing." I was feeling a little self conscious and wondering if I should be feeling silly about bringing the twins in to see him. "Maybe this is as good as it gets and I need to quit whining about it."

But, that wasn't the case. He saw that there was indeed a problem. He was merely curious, and I mistook his comment for an admonishment. "Why do they still have reflux?" " Why didn't your doctor refer you sooner?" "Why did you wait this long to come to me?" "I can help" is where he was going with that line of questioning. Most infants have outgrown the reflux by this stage and I think that he was intrigued. New material for his books and medical mysteries to unravel.

As Kari said in her last post the twins are doing much better on the new meds and we are feeling less like we are in a crisis situation.

I know that there are several people who read this blog to keep up and feel connected. Sorry that we have not posted for so long. I think I was a little down in the mouth and just wasn't up to it.

There is more to tell, but I just got home from a long trip and it will have to wait.


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