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Nice way to wake up.

There can't be a more pleasant way to wake up in the morning than to wake up to your beautiful young daughter gently stroking your face. The big girls have been coming down stairs and crawling into bed with Kari in the morning while I have been gone and letting her get an extra half hour of sleep.

Yesterday, Kari woke up to Rylee stroking her cheek. My wife peeked one eye open and smiled at her daughter. Rylee smiled back and said "Poop." "Oh oh." Kari thought.
"Okay, just a minute and I will help you." Kari said as she rolled out of bed. She lead Rylee to the bathroom to clean her up. Rylee had already remove the soiled undergarment, which was nowhere to be found. After cleaning her up Kari asked "Where are the dirty pull-ups?" Rylee lead her to the diaper pail and pointed. Kari lifted the lid and peered inside. She found the missing pull-up, she also found several wet wipes that had recently been used. Yes, Rylee had been trying to clean her self. Kari glanced down at Rylee, who held her hands up over her head, fingers splayed wide, and announced "Wash-a-hans!" The same hands that had been gently caressing her face as she was sleeping were covered with "objectionable material."

Needless to say, Kari gave Rylee's hands and her own face a good scrubbing.


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