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Kicking the Nanny Habit

Well, it is final. We are done with the nannies. Yesterday both Kandy and Mary Ellen were at the house to watch all four kids while Kari was at the doctor.

Good News and Bad News about that:

Kari doesn't have polyps and she doesn't have Fibroids. That is good. The bad news is that they don't know why she is having pain and bleeding. They went ahead and took a biopsy of her uterine lining to check for endometriosis. They should have the results of that test in about a week and a half. The doctor said to continue taking "the pill" that she started her on last month. If it is not endometriosis then it could just be a hormone issue.

Anyway, back to the nannies.

Kandy had already left by the time I got home from my trip, but Mary Ellen was still there. There were mixed feelings all around about the last day of nanny help. The nannies have really become part of the family and they will be missed greatly. There were quite a few tears as Mary Ellen thanked us for the opportunity to be part of the twins (and our) lives. I figured that they were attached to the girls, but there was more emotion than I expected. It was touching. I reminded her that she could visit any time she wanted and she made us promise to call anytime we needed help.

So that is it ... we are on our own again.


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