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A year ago today...

A year ago today I was admitted to Northeast in Humble for premature labor. What I know today and actually had the intuition but didn't act on it then...I would have made different choices. We have success, but it is very emotional right now. It's hard not to think what if...! If I hadn't already had my specialist appointment on the 25th, when would I have been "required" to be looked at again? I could have, well most definitely lost Jordan and maybe Madison if I didn't see Dr. Reiter that Friday. So many things! The stupid ultrasound technician Sue ( who by the way I had to insist on getting and eventually had to pay for out of our own pocket since they deemed it unnecessary!!!!!) okay.. who said to me very snobbish " Who told you you were having identical twins, they were wrong!" and also felt no concern that Madison was swimming in a pool and Jordan had very minimal fluid. Also the imbecile doctor Browning who also felt it unnecessary to have an ultrasound, said follow up with your doctor in two days after s eeing the images. Yes I am still PO'd about this and wish I had the mind control at the time to file a complaint or sue!

I look at my girls, their smiles, their giggles, their amazing movements, their perfection and I am still angry that I could have lost them. I did nothing about it but complain. And some may think why bother, you have beautiful healthy girls, but hell maybe it's the fire or stubbornness I got from my parents. I want to vent and cry tonight, so be it!

But I also want to thank you again for the many prayers across the country who I believe had a strong influence in our journey!


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