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All on her own.

Keep Kari in your prayers. This is the first 4 day trip that I have done since all the nannies have gone. She will be all on her own and she is going to need some patience.

We didn't plan ahead very well. I meant to make sure that there were no major projects that needed to be done and that we had sufficient food and medicine on hand so that Kari would not have to go to the store with all four girls. However, I dropped the ball. We are almost out of Previcid and need more baby food. I suggested that she call one of the nannies to watch the girls for a bit so that she could run to the store, but she is thinking about attempting the first solo trip the store with all the girls. To make matters worse, my truck wouldn't start this morning and we had to load up all the kids to get me to the airport. Madison screamed the majority of the way to the airport, but passed out by the time we got to the terminal. I think that may have thrown off their schedule a little bit, but Kari still sounded fairly sane when I spoke to her this evening. I was pretty proud of ourselves for getting the kids in the car and on the road so quickly. Although, Rylee wasn't wearing any pants and all the rest were still in their jammies.

We had a nice visit with Nana and Grandpa Wayne and are still trying to talk them into moving to Houston.

Kari tells me that Rylee pushed Reagan down four times in as many hours and the time outs don't seem to phase her.


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