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What can I say?

Sorry to those who have been expecting more posts. I guess that there is not really much to say now that we don't have a total crisis on our hands. I don't expect too much major drama from here on out. Now we just have four normal kids. I guess four under the age of four is enough drama in itself.

The twins are really doing great. Both are about 16 pounds, which still amazes me, and the reflux that we had so much trouble with seems to be totally under control. I think that the twins are entering a growth spurt. I just got done feeding them and I have never seen them eat like they just did. They shouldn't have been that hungry in the first place, it had not been that long since they last ate. We usually feed them two to three jars of baby food between them in one sitting. They just finished six, supplemented with rice cereal, and literally screamed for more every time I went to get the next jar. They ate as fast as I could shovel it in their mouths and burst into tears if I paused more than a moment before the next bite.

The "big" girls are doing great as well. Rylee's toe is looking much better. I am releived that we got the infection under control. She did finally lose her nail and a new one has already started to come in. The potty training continues, but is by no means complete. Reagan is just Reagan. Incorrigible, defiant, and totally adorable.

I continue to be amazed at the spontaneous acts of kindness followed by screaming and shoving.

I got a raise that starts this next month. That will ease the financial burden a little, however, we are still living beyond our means. That is the American way, right? It will be nice to get the twins off the formula, which is costing close to $1000.00 per month, and onto milk. They should be good for milk in the next couple of months. Kari is the expert on that sort of thing, I think that they can have milk after their first birthday, although I am not sure if that is actual age or adjusted age.


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