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Rebekah Suuuuuuuuue!

Sweetheart, I think of you every day. Unfortunately I lost your mailing address. I have a very belated birthday card and a letter for you. Please note that the birthday card was on time, but then I searched desperately for your address. I love you and talk to all the girls about Aunt Bekah, Aunt Amy, Uncle Josh, and Uncle Aaron.

I want you to know I have become very involved in aromatherapy and it works. I have a great formula for de-stressing the girls and even helping my back. I'm still learning, But Grandmom Donna has suggested I post formulas that are working for my family. I will do that and am open to the formulas you are learning. Email me, my address is at the top right side. I love sis, and I thank you for the great help you were while I was on bedrest.

Hugs for you!


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