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You know what I mean.

Hilda went home to Mexico on Friday. We sent her off with mixed emotions. She has been a huge help, but having someone live in your house is quite an invasion of privacy.

It is a lot of work just keeping the kids fed and happy. I am sure that the house organization will suffer due to the loss of an extra set of hands.

Enough is enough!:

We have, now that Hilda is gone, decided that the twins are ready to sleep/cry through the night. The last two nights we have turned the monitors off so that we could wake up every 15 minutes to look at the lights on the monitors to see if they were crying. We weren't really able to do that while Hilda was here, because the babies would wake her up and she would get up to hold them. The language barrier made it difficult to explain that we wanted to let them cry and learn to sooth themselves or maybe she just was doing what she wanted (I expect that was the case at least some of the time.) We are still having the night nannies come in the late afternoon till the twins go to bed. 5p.m to 9p.m. is still the bewitching hour. I don't know what it is about that time of day, but it gets crazy.

The reflux is still an issue. They are doing much better, but it is a struggle to get the twins to eat more than about 3 oz. in a sitting. I tend to give up after a little while and figure that they will eat more later. Rarely do I get them to eat much more after the screaming and twisting starts. Kari seems to have the magic touch, that or maybe she is just more persistent. She is a die hard and will work on them for what seems like hours (see the post re: postnatal jujitsu). It can be very frustrating, but I don't think that the twins would be doing as well as they are, weight wise, if it weren't for Kari's efforts. Although, I have seen her get frustrated enough to sling the bottle across the room she seems pretty upbeat at the end of the evening. I think that there is hope for us.


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