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I'm not sure if Mark told yall, but we have an appointment with the best GI specialist around. Okay, it is for late June, but our pedi ( we changed) will try to get sooner. He wrote the book called Colic Solved. If you have ever suspected "Colic" or have dealt with reflux, please read his book. You won't feel alone, and get verification as a parent with screaming infants, and also get advise on methods to take. We are going to the girls 9 month appointment, shots and all, but also to re-evaluate the reflux meds we are doing. It has honestly been a crap shoot lately and mixed blessings - they have gotten separation anxiety. I have to sneak to go to the bathroom and only momma can feed them and get a good ounce result. I lost Rylee and Reagan to Daddy about the time I got pregnant again. Don't worry Grandmom, I still got the twins attention! No pregnancy in sight! Or wanted!

I still think they are having issues, but not necessarily reflux . I think some of it is consistency in feedings. I have technically five people feeding them at any given time. of course none of us do it the same. Although, I have researched my many logs of feeding and come to the conclusion that I need to feed the girls. Great for them, bad for me. That feed that someone else does may mean a shower for me or a catnap. Gone!

It's mixed, because I absolutely love that two of my girls "need me", but then again I am pasty white and need a tan! Ha! Ha!

I have also been having some problems of my own internally, but I have the great Gyno appt tomorrow. So we shall see. Yes, Momma, I will call you!

Bottom Line if you have an infant that seems miserable and your doctor says colic, let that be a sign. Colic is a word for I don't know. And most "colic" cases are some how related to reflux or allergy.

Oh, and if someone knows how I can get insurance to pay for hypoallergenic formula which costs us about $450 x 2 a month please advise!

Mark has developed a cold, and must wear a mask when he comes home....yeah. That's natural and easy!.

I hope I'm not calling you out, but I hear a very good friend Jay is coming to help put together momma's sanity aka play gym. Yes that was our small percent refund play money! We chose the kids this year, and I really think it will benefit me more that they may enjoy it! It has been very hard not to tell Rylee and Reagan. I'm very excited for them, but they don't understand that it may take a few days to install.

I have alot to do, to get organized, and my sweet nanny will be leaving in about two weeks. It is a mixed emotion. On one hand I have had someone here for a whole year in May - You know you can't run around naked or pick your nose, or stay in your pajamas for a week. On the other hand I truly love her as do my girls and well its going to be bitter sweet.


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