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Bob the Builder

As Kari mentioned we just spent part of our tax refund on a play gym for the girls. The prices of these things seem a little outrageous to me, but I like to think of it as an investment in our sanity. The girls love to play on swings and slides, so if we have one here at the house where they can burn off some energy while we can still get things done around here, that is a good thing.

Construction will likely start tomorrow. I even roped my good friend Jay Bason into helping out. Unfortunately, his schedule doesn't coincide with mine. That is the trouble with associating with pilots.

I just uploaded some more photos of Rea. You would think that she has a 50/50 shot of getting her shoes on the right feet, but she never does. I wonder if she puts them on the wrong feet on purpose.

The potty training continues with Rylee. It seems like maybe she has regressed a little (there have been some "uh ohs"), but I guess that happens. Overall she is doing pretty well. Kari even got her to use the public toilet at Sam's without protest. We have been encouraging Rea to use the potty also, but have not really gone out of our way, just encouraging her when she does it on her own. It is pretty overwhelming trying to take care of the infants and deal with the potty training of just Rylee.

I have come down with a cold again and I am hoping that I don't infect anyone else. It seems like I have been sick more that well since the twins came home. I think all the red eye flights from last month have caught up with me. I honestly don't know how it can be legal to do all those red eyes back to back. The FAA seems to be so strict on all the other flight time limitations, but nothing seems as dangerous to me as five days in a row of red eye flights. Maybe some people have better luck adjusting their bodies to staying up all night, but I am a wreck at the end of day 5.

Kari is at the doctor right now. She says that the pain is better than it was, but I am still glad that she is getting checked out. She should be calling me anytime to let me know what the doctor has found.

Well, it has been a bumpy road, but it seems to be getting a little easier. I am feeling pretty up beat about the whole situation. It should be interesting to see how we do when Hilda leaves in two weeks. As much as it has stressed us out to have so many people in the house, I can not discount how much help she has been.


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