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Just keep saying it a it will be true, right?

Since the 22nd I have been home for less than five full days and it is wearing on me a bit and Kari too. We are trying to reduce our dependence on the night nannies. On Saturday and Sunday we had no nannies at all, it was Hilda's days off. On Monday Hilda worked but we had no night nanny. Boy is it a lot of work. I feel like, with the exception of sleeping, I have had a child in my arms or have been listening to one cry almost constantly. Madison is still having a rough time and is not sleeping very well.

Things were very tense yesterday. Kari twisted her ankle the other day and is having a hard time getting around. Constant pain, coupled with constant crying, will set your nerves on edge. We all seem to feed on each others moods. When one of us goes down we tend to drag the rest of the household down with us and when that happens, this is not a fun place to be.

I would say that this whole episode of my life has been the most difficult thing that I have ever experienced. But it is rewarding too.

Rylee's potty training continues and there was some progress yesterday. She made it to the potty twice and was quite pleased with herself. Reagan might get trained at about the same time. She insists on sitting on her potty when ever Rylee does. The potty training, however, has been a huge addition to the workload. I guess we are at the point where it just needs to be done.

We plan to go with out the night nannies whenever I am home this month. That should reduce the financial burden a little, but it sure has raised the stress.

I think that Kari and I are both disappointed that we are having so much trouble doing this on our own. I do feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew in every aspect.


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