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Quick update

We went back to the doctor again this morning. The twin's reflux was getting worse again. Jordan has been having an especially hard time. We changed pediatricians, but in the same office. Dr. Mickillip just was not listening to what we had to say. It was a little frustrating. First she told us that there was no way that both twins could be suffering from reflux. That was contrary to everything that we (Kari) has read about preemies and reflux. Twins, especially identical ones often have the same symptoms at the same time and reflux with preemies is common. The next time that we called she suggested that we try Mylicon. We had tried that and it has done nothing.

Dr. Vaughn, who we saw when Mickillip was not available, listened to what we had to say and told us that we were describing "classic" reflux babies. The medication that she prescribed, Previcid, helped for awhile, but we were seeing the signs that they were backsliding.

From Kari's research we have found that many preemies like ours are on higher doses of Previcid and/or Reglan and Zantac. We wanted to try something else before they got as bad as they were last month, where they were not eating and starting to lose weight.

When I called the doctor yesterday and explained what was going on the nurse told me that Doctor Mickillip thought that twins should have grown out of the reflux by now. That was the last straw for me, even the book that they sent us home with says that reflux is not uncommon with kids like ours. I feel like either she is not the expert that we thought that she was or she just doesn't care. Either way we won't be going back to her.

The nurse gave me the number of the gastric specialist. The first available appointment date is three months from now so we went back to see Dr. Vaughn again. She has put the girls back on Reglan and Zantac in addition to the Previcid. I hope this works.

In other news:
I think that I finally have the pool back to normal. After five hours of vacuuming I almost have all the sand off the bottom.

The big girls woke up vomiting today. That had us a little concerned. We figure that it must have been something that they ate, but we don't know what. I tossed out some hot dogs and the hard boiled Easter eggs, thinking that one of those must be the culprit. They seem to be much better now.

Hilda will be going back to Mexico for surgery at the end of April. That pretty much coincides with when we were thinking of trying this on our own again. We have had someone here helping us for almost a year now and we are really ready to have the house to ourselves again, even if it means more work.

The twins are sometimes sleeping through the night and I think this might be doable with just Kari and I. Although the bewitching hours between 5 and 9 p.m. are still a challenge. Also, some help may still be needed while I am away at work. Kari thinks the night nannies are more help than the daytime help. You have to have a few hours to yourself at some point.


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