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First of all welcome to Kari's need for change every so often. Yes I got tired of the background and had to change it up. I also wasn't paying attention to what was being deleted as I changed the template. So I had to redo the chatbox and the photo link, etc. I do like the new slide show though. You should be able to click on it to enlarge and get better views.

Madi and Jo Jo got the second to last dose of Synagis today. ( To protect against RSV) The medicine really burns going in to their little thighs, but they were both troopers. Madi weighed in at 14# 4oz, and Jordi weighed in at 13# 5oz. Madi has been a little fussy still, but overall feeling much better. Her last dose of antibiotics is tomorrow evening. Jori has been drooling like a faucet, and her bottom gums are soft.

This morning I heard Rylee say "I did it!" so we proceeded with the ritual of wiping, flushing, washing hands, sticker, and of course the M&M. I then tell her go get her panties on and I walk into the kitchen. I'm getting bottles ready. Rylee comes in with panties in hand saying "here momma!" "Big brown poop!" So we started the discussion of what to do when we need to big brown poop.

Edited: Rylee poo-pooed on the potty the following day no problems!


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