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I feel like I have some catching up to do. There have been many events that have been "blog worthy" and not enough time or energy to write them down.

Last week I got home fairly late one evening, around 11 p.m.. I decided to enter the house through the garage. I had not done this much lately because our garage had been filled with trash. The way my schedule worked out I was always missing trash day and we were on about the third week of trash accumulation. Since the cans were full the trash bags began to pile up in the garage.

At any rate.

I punched the opener and proceeded to get my bag from the back of the truck. As I rounded the back of the truck and headed for the garage I glanced up. The sight stopped me dead in my tracks.

As you might imagine, a family with four kids in diapers can fill a diaper pail in no time flat. Those diaper pails must be emptied and the bags placed with the rest of the trash - in the garage.

I can't imagine what would be attractive about a bag of smelly diapers. You would have to ask a pair of Labradors to get an expert opinion. Aren't they supposed to have a keen sense of smell? Apparently human feces is not totally objectionable to man's best friend. They dug in to those diapers like they had not eaten for weeks and this was a prime rib buffet.

There were shredded diapers and excrement strewn from one end of the garage to the other. The smell was overpowering, to say the least. I should have gone around to the front door at that point but I don't believe that I was thinking clearly. I tried to tip toe through the disaster until I slipped and almost went down into that stinking mess. I gave up being dainty and shuffled toward the door. I entered the house shoeless and went in search of my wife.

"Did you see what those &*%$#@ dogs did?" I asked without any sort of greeting.

She smiled.

She did apologize for not cleaning it up, she was having trouble keeping the vomit down and had kids to deal with. I can understand that and she did get the dogs cleaned up.

The dogs had been making a fearsome racket outside and since the nurse was coming over to administer the monthly RSV shots to the twins, the dogs where put in the garage for safe keeping. Apparently they got bored.

I took me from 11 p.m. till 3 a.m. to get it all cleaned up. Have you ever seen what they put inside diapers to absorb the pee pee? It is some kind of powder I think. When it gets wet all that powder swells in to little translucent beads. Those beads are really sticky and even a hose on full blast will not remove all of them from a garage floor. I considered firing up the pressure washer.

I originally thought that the dogs had just tore the diapers up and left it at that. I found out the next morning that they had ingested quite a lot. Those pee pee beads are not digestible and will pass right through a Labrador Retriever. The deposits that I found looked remarkably like big brown snow cones, left in the yard to melt in the sun.

I try harder to get the trash out on time now.

That is all I have to say about that...


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