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Today my beautiful spirited child went pee - pee in the potty all on her own accord three times today! Barbie Mariposa looks on above her potty and bestows magic upon Rylee as she sits on the potty. Rylee gets a star on her chart for sitting on the potty. If she tinkles or actually pees she received an M&M. Oh the magic of M&M's. The first time we got a prompted full on pee session, there were praises, dances, M&M's, a miniature fairy doll, special "Tinkerbell panties" . Great excitement. There on became a non prompted pee-pee! Whoo Hoo! Of course she got the star, the M&M and now the coveted "Dora" panties. I think we only had two "uh ohs" today, but quite an increase in "I'm a big girl now!" Or as Rylee says, "I did it! I did it!"

I see great progress in pee-peeing in the potty. The only concern is it has been three days with no " big brown poop" . I truly believe she is a little scared to poop in the potty and is making herself constipated. She had a skid mark today, and oh what such horror! I told Hilda tonight that tomorrow no B.R.A.T. diet include some prunes or other stool softening foods. I want to be very careful with her feelings, but I don't want her totally discouraged and regressing on the progress we have made.

On another note, Miss Reagan wants to sit on the potty too! We do have two. No tinkle or pee yet, but she also gets stars on a chart for sitting nekkid on the potty. Side note: Reagan loves to be nekkid, hmmmmm.

So anyway when Ry poops on the potty she gets the "Prince" of Mariposa. Waiting on the day. We decided that since Rylee has started role playing she needs a "man" kissing the girls. Right now Snow White and Cinderella have a great relationship. And when we get solid weeks of very few "uh ohs" she will get the coveted Mariposa with butterfly wings who bestows magic upon her.

Oh the things we do for less dinero going out, things that should have been done, and things that "will" make life easier for all. Hey we are even talking to the twins about pee - peeing in the potty. It is quite amusing watching Mark do the "Pee pee ~I did it dance!"

So I know it has been awhile since I, the momma, has posted. I'm a little intimidated with Mark's writing expertise. Although, I must say I do correct his spelling and edit and initiate some postings.

Rylee Hope~ it's all about pee-pee right now.

Reagan June ~ No! No! No! her favorite word. So, saying " Yes" or "Yes, momma is the boss" does absolutely nothing except receive more fervent " No's"! Now Momma says " No way Jose!" with of course the arms at cross position and as saying slowly spread the arms apart. So now I get a giggle, a meek "No" ,and redirection. Oye!

Madison Kate ~ She is my laid back "kissy" girl. First of all she loves just to lay on the blanket ( my Daddy's 1976 Christmas American Pie quilt - yes it has lasted for 31 years, even though I'm only 29 I remember it!), anyway, she is in love with Diego! She smiles so vividly every time she sees him! She is my kisser, she loves receiving and giving. She now has caught up and rolls on to her tummy and side. She is such a sunshine in my life. She is now feeling better. No more fever, no more breathing treatments, we just need to ride the antibiotic out. She is drinking and eating very well.

Jordan Lane ~ Spirited, in a different way. She is my "Go-Go girl" I need to get her some white boots. She loves playing games. When I'm not expecting it she is trying to play peek-a-boo with me. So cute! She is also trying and succeeding in pulling her legs up into crawl position. Believe me, the girl does not need to crawl, she gets to where she wants to go by calculated rolling. She is going to give me grey hair!

We have the NICU reunion on March 29th, I am so excited and a little nervous. This will be really the first time we take all four girls to an outing that does not involve doctor appointments or being fumigated! I'm really excited to finally show off my 4 girls under three. But more importantly to show the wonderful doctors, nurses, and fellow bedmates, how far my blessings have come. Side note: " Yes I get distracted easily! I found my beautiful twins photos at two days old. Wow! What a change! Actually their weight now is almost equivalent to there actual age! How amazing is that!

Mark ~ My darling husband! He has been nagged on and protected. The nagged part: He has Rylee's hands wrapped completely around his entire soul. Reagan has her hands, cuz she is second in place and a little bit more independent, around daddy's hand and heart. The twins wrapped daddy around their little fingers. We have needed a little more discipline and boundaries with daddy. The protective part: He has three grown ladies telling him what to do. Of course from their experience, but also from their generation and culture. They have either raised six or more children of their own, been a part of 10 to 12 siblings, or had mothers who have taken care of multiple children. They also have experience with children of other couples and/or nursing backgrounds. Their intentions are welcomed, considered, and grateful at times. But with all this it is a new experience. They have a father who is in this a new generation who cooks, cleans, changes diapers, and truly misses them. He is not the typical father who is home every night, he misses a complete 96 hours with them at times. There is guilt and love and frustration involved. He is a great father, a great husband, and a great man. We just need him to be on the same page with Momma - Queen "King" of the home to make things blend and be easier.

Momma ~ Anxiety! Imagine you are at a great weight, but you have what is called twin-skin and it keeps you from fitting or feeling comfortable into your favorite jeans. Oh and you have had post-partum depression. You canceled an appointment and rescheduled. Your doctor canceled did not reschedule, nor did he follow up with you to see how you are doing. Honestly my post -partum depression is either non-existent or under hormone control. My anxiety is a different story. I'm not 21 anymore, but I refuse to be the "soccer mom" with a pouch or any icky feelings for her body. I'm having issues, closet issues. Clothes thrown all over the floor, because they don't fit at all or just not right. Can't breathe! Can't get "help" because I don't feel comfortable with my doctor anymore. One, guilt - hey I quit the pills, hate putting pills into my body. Two - Why hasn't he checked on an anti-depressant patient? I have finally gotten motivated to do some fun body building routines. Funny thing - The warm-up routine that keeps you from injuring yourself has hurt my body tremendously. Okay, forget the constant back, neck, knee pain--- ha! ha! whole body pain! What do I do, day two of motivation I sprained/bruised badly my ankle stepping out of my truck! Okay, talk to me next week, when I am some what healed.

Okay - so this is a little into my mind, be kind to me. I promise I'll be back later.


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