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Top 10 Signs Mom Needs a Break

This is where we usually write an intro but we're too tired so here's the list...


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10. A trip to the OB/GYN is like a mini-vacation.

9. You want to scream at young girls on the street "Just you wait, Missy--one day you'll look like me!"

8. You think about having another baby just to get a few days rest in the hospital.

7. A nap trumps sex any day.

6. You seriously consider divorce just to get every other weekend off. 5. You're kidding, right? You want a list of 10? Sure, right after I feed the kids, pay the bills, do the laundry, walk the dog, meet a work deadline, pick up groceries--what do you expect from me??? Make your own damn list!

You have got to see this, especially if you have kids!

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