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Proud Daddy

Rylee is really doing well with the potty training. Much better than I could have hoped for after day number two. On the first day she was very excited and responded well to all the praise. On day two, however, she wanted nothing to do with sitting on the potty and there were several accidents.

Now she is running to the bathroom and doing her business without even telling us until she is done. "I did it! I did it!" is sometimes our first indication. The bribery with candy certainly helped. I am very pleased with how this is going. Kari is really the one who got us on track with the potty training and I impressed with her creativity. She has really gotten Rylee to perform.

The Law of Unintended Consequences: On the down side, Rylee now takes off the night time pull-ups that she wears to bed. This morning there was a little puddle on the carpet. We are talking about buying another potty for upstairs.

Thank you Kari for acknowledging the plight of the only male human in the house.

It can be difficult at times being the only guy. I do appreciate good advice if it might make my life easier, but I feel like I some times get constant direction from all the experienced women instead of just friendly advice.

I am sure that it is well intentioned, but Hilda relays to Kari everything I say and do with the girls while Kari is sleeping. Any nonconformity or indiscretion is duly noted and recorded. I feel like this information is dissected and analyzed by the prosecution for use against me. I realized recently that I am a little standoffish around Hilda because I feel like she is always watching me, waiting for me to slip up so that she can add more to her report, thinking "That is not the right way to do it. I will have to tell Kari about that so she can straighten him out." Big Brother is always watching.

I hope this isn't taken the wrong way. Hilda is a great help and I do like her. I also agree that our girls are lacking discipline in some areas and it will be much easier on Kari (and me) when the nannies are gone if we have them under control. So I am trying to conform to the rules that Kari has set forth and I agree with all of them. I think that we are making progress.

Kari has really been a trooper the last week. She has been dealing with a severely sprained ankle and it has not really slowed her down. Although it has not been fun, she has kept the household under control. You just do what needs to be done and Kari has stepped up to the plate again.

There were a few times over the last week where the added stress of less nanny help have shown through for the both of us. There were a few moments were I was glad that she was hobbled, because I thought I may have to make a run for it. It is nice to know that you will be able to outrun the person who wants to strangle you.

I think that many relationships would have crumbled if subjected to the stress that ours has been and I thank God that we have a strong one.

I have some more pictures to add, but I am not sure yet how to use the new slide show that Kari put on here. So look for them in the near future.


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