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Making Progress

We had lots of fun putting together a Easter egg hunt for the big girls. Grandpa Wayne and Kari's mother, June, took the girls for a walk while we hid the eggs. Rylee got the hang of the hunt right away and Reagan soon figured it out with a little direction.

Yesterday we went for a walk. Doesn't sound like a big deal, right? Well this was the first time that we have gone to the park as a complete family. It was quite a production getting out the door, but it went pretty smooth after that.

Today, after Grandpa Wayne and June headed home, we took the whole family out to a crawfish boil at my good friend Jay Bason's house. I think it was a little bit of a confidence builder for us. We successfully got to a social gathering, remained there for more than an hour, and returned home without any major meltdowns.

However, it was not the most relaxing experience. Soon after we arrived the twins were ready to eat and Rylee and Reagan immediately set off to explore. Reagan was the most trouble, the free spirit that she is. Rylee tends to stick pretty close for reassurance. Reagan on the other hand has no qualms about wandering off to do her own thing. (Unless Dad is trying to do something around the house, then she needs to be held by Dad and only Dad). Her first order of business was to confiscate all of the unattended Easter baskets, much to the chagrin of several five and six year olds. Next she made a bee line for the street and began to crawl under several cars in hot pursuit of someones family cat. Then over to the side walk to tip over several cups of Koolaid and attempt to abscond with another girls Dr. Pepper. Thence, to the yard to gather every toy and ball scattered about the yard. At one point she had three balls, one stick, a base ball glove, a squirt gun, and of course her comfort blanket (lovey) that at one point looked like a Dalmatian.

Initially there were several women cooing over the twins and since Kari wasn't hungry I took the opportunity to dig in to the food. While I was distracted with the buffet is when Reagan began her rampage.

We didn't really get a chance to socialize much, it was just chasing kids in a different setting. Still it was nice to get out and I think that we are making progress.

Check the slide show for pictures. I got some good ones of Rylee inspecting the doomed crawfish with some disdain mixed with curiosity.


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