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Turkey Day Photos

The arrival of family for a holiday visit always seems to be fun. I have fond memories of pulling up to my grandparents house and all of the commotion that ensued. People hugging, kids running, and the smell of good food from the kitchen. It is a warm feeling that is difficult for me to describe. It is good.

This is Chad just after arriving, admiring his newest nieces.

Meesh and Logan getting settled in. I couldn't believe how big Logan is, he looks like he is ready to take off running at any moment.

Rylee was facinated with Logan and spent the first 15 minutes sitting on the floor just looking at him. Probably hoping for a reaction.

Then she got it. Logan thought that she was pretty neat too.

There obviously needed to be some time spent trying to make the babies smile.

It was really nice having the family together. Looking at the pictures makes me miss it already. We figure that since the Florida side of the family has been working on us to move there for so long, and we did, that it is time for us to start working on them to move to Houston.

Cannon thought that the babies were pretty cool...for a little while. There is waaayyy too much to do when you are four than sitting around looking at a drooling baby.

I was pleased to see both Rylee and Reagan take to Chad and Meesh without any hesitation. Rylee seemed to especially like Uncle Chad.

It seemed like Chad thought that Rylee was okay too.
Girls aren't so bad after all.

Reagan likes to help out with the little ones. The latest thing is wiping off their faces and giving kisses. Very fun to watch.

Hilda is really part of the family now. Reagan burst into tears when she left the house today. She especially enjoys the twins. She says they are "hermosa." (I'm pretty sure that is good.)

Chad, Meesh, and I took the kids for a walk to the park. I think that they were getting a little stir crazy, or maybe it was us getting stir crazy. At any rate it made for a few good photos.

Logan was having issues with riding in the stroller and Mom and Dad were having some difficulty extricating the lad from his seat. The picture doesn't do justice to the hilarity of the situation.

Reagan, unlike Logan, was enjoying the view.

Logan is okay as long as Mom is out of view. When he turns 18 I am going to remind him of what a Mama's boy he was.

It didn't take long for Cannon to climb on every piece of equipment that the playground had to offer.

I always thought that the twisty slide was the best too.

Rylee thinks the slide is quite alright too.

Even Reagan got in on the action. Although she is not quite ready for the twisty slide, I am sure that she will love it just as much as her sister.

Logan, just hanging around.

If there is something on the ground that you would rather your child not pick up, Reagan will and then try to eat it.

Its not the twisty slide, but she is getting the hang of it.

Who would have ever pictured this. Certainly not us. Where did my childhood go? Chad, are you with me?
This is so "domestic" that it almost doesn't seem right.

I can't help snapping pictures of Reagan, she just looks like a little doll.

Fortunately, Reagan seems to like me too.

We were trying to get all the kids to sit next to this cute little waterfall for a picture, but Rylee thought it would be better to sit on the bench. Reagan, in an impressive show of solidarity, chose to sit with her sister. I had the picture next to the waterfall, but I somehow deleted it. Nobody was looking at the camera or smiling anyway. Trying to get kids to sit for a picture is like trying to herd cats.

I am sure that we were looking properly "Redneck" as we sat out in front of the house to fry the the turkey. I will most likely get a letter from the home owner's association, they are quite strict.

Funny, I think that Chad's kids look more like me than Chad.

Cannon supervising the turkey fry, in only his underwear.

I spent alot of time keeping this kid away from the boiling oil.

Reagan took over Rylee's seat at little peoples table.

Rylee taking good care of Madison.

Cannon also made sure that there were no tears.

Logan getting some sugar from his cousin just before bedtime.

Kari taking a break from eating turkey to feed an infant.

This is me just home from my last trip, getting a little quality time with the twins. Life is Grand.


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