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Kari gave the night nannies Thanks Giving off and took the night shift last night. She may be regretting that today. She sounded a little tired this evening. I think she got about two hours of sleep last night. Almost as soon as she got the twins to sleep Reagan woke up. I think that was about 5 a.m. Reagan is still teething and has been up early lately.

It sure is hard leaving all my girls for days at a time. I really miss them when I am away. It is nice to get a little break from crying babies, but as soon as I get to the airport I am ready to go right back home. I only have one more day and I will be back home. I am in Dallas tonight and only have a turn to El Salvador tomorrow and I will be done.

The night nannies have really helped out, but I feel like I am missing out on time with the twins. I usually get to feed them once or twice a day. Lately Kari has been managing the twins during the day while I look after the big girls. This isn't any thing that we planned it has just worked out that way.

We have still been trying to figure out a way to get insurance to help out with the in home care, but I think that we are beating a dead horse. I was thinking of talking with Continental's Employee assistance program. I am not sure what they offer, but it wouldn't hurt to see. I was speaking with Papa tonight and he suggested seeing if there is anything Continental would do. The March of Dimes is their philanthropy of choice, so who knows.


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