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More touching moments for me

Like I said before, it is the little things that make it all worth it.

Jordan grasping my finger with her little paw while I was feeding her the other morning. The spontaneous smile or glint of recognition from your infant. It is neat to see that your infant brightens at the sight of you and follows your movements when someone else is holding her.

Rylee and Reagan lying on the bed with me, snuggled up against the pillows, watching a movie. (And Reagan only rolling off the bed once.)

Rylee helping decorate the Christmas tree and actually being a help. (Reagan though it was more fun to remove the decorations.)

The child development experts telling you that your kids are doing better than they should be. The twins have the social skills of a five month old. With everything else they are on target according to their adjusted age. (Again that is the age they would be had they gone to term.)

Reagan so excited to "fetch" the paper. Retrieving it with a huge smile.

Rylee trying to tickle Jordan.

Rylee trying to walk around the house in Mom's shoes.

That makes up for:


Being the only adult awake when the night nanny leaves and three of the four are crying at once.

Having to reheat your coffee 5 times before you can finish it.

Reagan insisting on "helping" me type this.

My wife's mood swings.

Having to pick Play-doh out of Reagan's nose.

Still working on uploading photos. Soon. Many distractions.


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