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I call my beautiful children hellions with lots of love. Daddy has been out of town since Wednesday morning before I was up bright and bushy tailed (sic) at 5:45am. Yesterday I was feeding both twins at the same time, it was time for both to burp when the phone rang, the doorbell rang, the dogs barked and all four kids started crying. The phone was Mark, just telling me he loved me and bye. The call ended after maybe an elapsed time of 45 seconds. I didn't even get the chance to whine to him. After that call, I was poor me and thinking how would I do this on my own. It has been hard enough with Mark away even having Hilda during the day and Kandy & Mary Ellen at night. This really is a three person job at all times.

Later in the day I let the dogs out back, shut the door, walked into the bedroom, grabbed Jordan. started to feed her, thought the grass is cut, said "Oh Shit!", put Jordan down, ran out the back door to see that Bunker and Bogie where nowhere to be found. Our mowers usually come on Friday, it was Thursday. They have a routine where they mow about three to four yards on our street, leave the gates open and come back after mowing and then do clean up. They leave the gate open so they know the yard is not complete. Hilda asked me what do we do? I told her to watch all the girls while I drive to find them. I put a bra on, grab the keys, walk out the front door and see the dogs rounding the street corner. Luckily it was easy to get them into the truck. In the meantime, Jordan vomited on Hilda. What would I have done if I didn't have Hilda here? I grew even more terrified of being alone. Any sense that I thought I was Wonder Woman and could do it all my own flew straight out of mind and is lost in space somewhere.

Rylee and Reagan continue to get up anywhere from 5:30 am till 8am with no rhyme or reason. It doesn't matter if naps are involved or how late they stay up.

Today the twins had their Synagis shot again. I hate seeing my girls cry in pain. It breaks my heart. Madison weighs 11# 4.1oz and Jordan weighs 10# 5.7oz. They are growing rapidly and are doing very well. Jordan is slowly catching up to Madison!

Well Reagan is screaming her head off... I'm cleaning her blackened lovely from so much filth and she refuses to take the clean one. That's all for now.


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