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Ain't Missbehavin

It has been fun to watch our girls personalities develop.

Dad is not always number one anymore. Grandmom is very popular with the girls. For the first six months with Rylee and Reagan Mom was the only one that could "make it all better." After that it has been "Its ok. Daddys gotcha." But now Grandmom is the one to turn to in times of adversity. I think they know who will give the hugs instead of timeouts.

Pushing. Over the last several days it has been a favorite pass time of Rylee's. For no reason she will turn to Reagan and give her the old two handed push. Reagan has never been one to put up with much flak and will push back, but Rylee is still quite a bit bigger. The timeouts don't seem to bother Rylee all that much and she shows no remorse.

The other day I was sitting on the couch and watched Rylee give Reagan a pretty good shove. Before I could even say "No" Reagan steadied herself and gave Rylee a shove right back, so Rylee shoved her again. It all happened pretty fast. "Rylee! No pushing. Hey Reagan, No pushing! Rylee! Stop that! OK Thats it! Time out!"

It is nice to see Reagan standing up for herself, but that is not the kind of behavior that we encourage.

Rylee even tried to push Madison today. Madison was in Rylee's spot on Dad's lap and she was not going to put up with this little upstart muscling in on her territory.

Rylee really enjoyed the Trick or Treating. However, we need to work on the timing of the "Trick or Treat." She will say it before the door is opened and when it is open she goes into shy mode and wont say a word.

Even though we had trouble keeping the shoes and wig on, we still had a ball.

The twins are doing very well and still growing. They look more alike everyday. It has been taking us longer and longer to figure out which is which. We finally broke down and painted one of Madison's fingernails so that we can tell them apart.

The Nanny search continues, but we do have some very good prospects. A friend of ours from Express had a nanny for a year when her twins were born and the two of them came over today. She is looking for a live-in job and we are thinking that might be just what we need. She doesn't speak much English and was a little skittish around the dogs, but I think that we could make this work. Kari is calling her back tomorrow.


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