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Answered prayers

We haven't been able to get my sister on a flight so we have been under desperate measures. With the help of Grandmom and Papa Mac we have hired three people until things get somewhat normal, you know like four little girls sleeping through the night. Grandmom and I wrote down exactly what we were looking for. Someone grandmotherly or aunt like. Kind, compassionate, loving. We put an ad in the paper and called out to friends. Our first answered prayer was Hilda. She is from Mexico and was a nanny to a good friend Terra with her twins. Hilda has moved in with us and is taking care of Rylee and Reagan and helping me with the twins five days a week. Rylee and Reagan took to her immediately. I can already tell she is going to be a Godsend to us. Even on her days off she pitches in, cleans the house, feeds a twin, entertains a toddler. She cleans things I haven't touched since we moved in. I see genuine love for children in her eyes. She speaks little English, and of course Mark and I speak very little Spanish, but we are communicating. She told me in 3 months we will both be speaking better Spanish and English. She will also teach our children Spanish. I see some spoiling already, we went to the grocery store and Hilda said the children needed cookies and Rylee needed a balloon.

Mark went back to work Friday evening. I miss him so much. I thought it wouldn't be so bad since we have been on opposite schedules. But I at least saw his face each day. I miss him terribly. Since Mark went to work I took over his shift and Grandmom mine. It was really difficult that first night. I was awake from 7am till 5:30am and tagged Grandmom "You're it"!

Tonight our second prayer was answered. Kandy started work at 8pm. Rylee took straight to her, Reagan was asleep. Kandy, a wonderful grandmotherly type, brought animal cookies for the toddlers. Kandy has taken over the twins tonight. I actually showered and shaved my legs. I have time to type this, and I feel very comfortable sleeping tonight.

Wednesday, our third prayer answered, is Mary Ellen's turn at the nighttime duty with the twins. I feel strong about our choices and most important very comfortable with the thought of surrendering my babies to these women.

My post-pardum depression is still being controlled and I feel like the meds are really helping. I still feel happiness, and some down times but not despair. Now I just need to get over the bronchitis and get my pelvis realigned. I'm in constant pain from my right side of the neck down to my right hip. Hopefully I will now have some time to truly take care of myself and all of my miracles.

Prayers are answered! Our miracles are alive and getting bigger and stronger each day. They have their four month check-up Tuesday. My husband and I have the help we have needed so desperately, we can give Grandmom back to Papa Mac. And just maybe my husband and I can have some time together, hey maybe even go out sans kids for Starbucks! Things are truly looking up! I think I may even see a twinkle of light!


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