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Heartfelt Hugs and Baby Smiles

There are a few things that make this all worth it.

Last night Rylee and Reagan seemed like friends again. It was very nice after two days of short tempers and pushing. They were running through the house giggling and wiping their noses on their sleeves. Rylee ducked behind the coffee table and a game of Peek-a-boo ensued. At the end of that game we were all giggling. Reagan ran to Rylee and wrapped her arms around her waist in a big bear hug, which was properly returned. That was the first spontaneous hug that we have seen. That really makes all the runny noses and fussing worth it.

This morning Madison was handing out lots of smiles. There is nothing like an infant daughter giving a big toothless grin to make a Dad just melt. Little girls have a huge arsenal of tactics to manipulate Mom and Dad, but the smiles and the tears are the most lethal. I am already a push over.

You will have to forgive me if I repeat myself throughout this blog. I just type what comes to mind and there is sure to be some repeat stories. I can't even recall what day it is, let alone what I posted two days ago.

I may have touched on this, but Rylee has become a Dora the Explorer fan and wants everything Dora. Right now she is wearing her Dora night gown with her jeans and running around the house with a Dora balloon on the end of a plastic stick.

Reagan is very under the weather today. As a matter of fact she is screaming at me right now. She just proved to me that she is not ready to eat yogurt on her own yet. When I started this post she was having lunch in the highchair next to me and doing pretty well with the yogurt, but the wheels fell off that operation when she got it all over her hands and then rubbed her eyes.

Rylee has discovered that it is not so much fun to play building blocks with Reagan. Reagan gets excited about it, that is good, but Reagan knocks them all down, and that is bad.


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