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Today is my husbands birthday. Thirty-eight years young. Only slight graying and balding. Gets handsomer each new day. Grandmom and Papa gave him professional massages. Nana and Papa Wayne gave him two new polos to compliment his features. The girls "got" him a remote control helicopter that he is patiently waiting as it charges. The wife got him Oceans Thirteen and Evan Almighty.


We were watching Evan Almighty as Jordan gulped 220 ml fell fast to sleep and although being burped several times, proceeded to vomit about 30 ml. Rylee and Reagan were brushing their teeth and getting water everywhere. And Madison was scooting out of the bouncer.
When you become a parent you learn to multi-task and in that multitasking you can hear and glance at a movie and "get" what is going on. That is when it hit my delicate head like a ton of bricks. Tears rolling down my face. Seething through my teeth to my husband, "You did this to us!" The reality of it all came into existence.


Every night my husband dutifully and reverently prays to our Lord for patience, strength, and wisdom. The question. Does God grant you patience or the opportunity to have patience? Does God grant you strength or the opportunity to be strong? Does God grant you wisdom or the opportunity to make a wise decision?

Makes you think, huh? This whole time our dear Lord has been giving us what we have asked for. We have even asked yall to ask this of our Lord for us. Prayers are so powerful! They work! Our beautiful girls are healthy and strong and on target. And yes we are using all of our patience, strength, and wisdom to get through each and every day!

Please stop!!!!


Today is a new day! We now pray for peace. We now pray for laughter. We now pray for tranquility . We now pray for so much money we can't spend it all!

Pleas join us in wanting and asking for things we really do want and be very careful in what you ask for.


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