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Santa Clause is Coming!

Papa and Grandmom got here yesterday. Everyone was tired, the grandparents were up at 2 a.m. to get to the airport, Kari had been up wrapping presents and cleaning, and I had gotten home around 7 a.m. from flying a red eye to San Francisco and back. So nobody got much sleep.

Papa and I ran some errands with Rylee, while the girls took care of the rest of the kids. Papa and I also did baby duty last night. The twins had not been eating well because we ran out of their reflux medication and it has taken longer than expected to have it refilled. (I thought that they might not need it anymore...I was wrong about that.) I suggested that one of us should go to bed and we could trade out later. So he sent me to bed, but after 10 minutes of one baby crying the other one started too. I closed my eyes tighter. After about 20 minutes of both squawking I got back up. Just in time too, Papa was feeling out numbered and had just gone to wake Grandmom up. Grandmom didn't look too thrilled about being rousted and I sent her back to bed.

Around 12:30 we got the twins to sleep and headed for the sack. Jordan was up at about 4:30 and fortunately Kari was feeling up to taking care of her. She said that she ate, burped and went right back to sleep. Then I got up with Reagan about six. So it was not to bad a night, but I still feel tired.

Kari is doing better today. However, last night I was thinking that we might have to take her to the ER. She has been having back/hip pain and last night her leg went numb when she was walking down the stairs and she took a tumble. No broken bones fortunately. I stuck her in a hot bath and helped her stretch. At least she is walking today, but we are going to have to get her to a chiropractor or something soon.

Right now Grandmom and Papa are out doing some last minute shopping. Kari and I are planning on doing the same later in the day. Rylee and Reagan spent the morning trashing the house. They have some new toys that the nannies brought them for Christmas. Those new toys are scattered everywhere. They have also had fun distributing the contents of the changing table drawers throughout the house.

June and Wayne should be here this evening and I think this is going to be a good Christmas. Not that there are bad ones, but having family around just makes it seem right.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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