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We are still here

My Mom called yesterday to see if we were all right. No blogs, have not called, there must be something wrong.

Nope we are just staying busy, caught up in our own little microcosm of suburbia. Just living the American dream. That is the one where you spend more than you have, max out your credit cards, and have more kids than you can deal with, right? The whole work thing has really been getting in the way. I think that the captain of my flight back from Oakland, when Jordan went to the hospital, put it best when he told me that we work to live, we don't live to work. Amen, brother.

The latest drama: I have missed a lot of work since last May, but I thought that I was through suffering the financial consequences of my actions. I guess not.
Kari walked into the living room, where I was attending to one of the kids, and said "You need to tell me if they are going to do this!" They, my employer, deducted just under $4,000 from my pay check. I am still trying to figure out how they can justify that and no one from payroll will call me back. I do hope that it is a mistake. We are down to trying to decide who should get paid this month and who should go without. Who hasn't been there, right?

The twins are doing much better. They took their last antibiotics last night and don't seem to need the nebulizer anymore. Their little noses are still a bit stuffy, though. They continue to eat well and are sleeping better.

Kari and I were marveling last night about what a blur the last 6 months has been. Lending credence to my theory that parents forget what a nightmare the baby stage is and consider having more children. Thus allowing the propagation of the species. It is some kind of mental deficiency or insanity, engineered by God, to make sure that the human race doesn't die out.

Rylee and Reagan continue to amaze us with their good behavior and playful antics. This morning Rylee stripped naked and declared that she wanted a bath. It seemed counterintuitive to tell the girl that didn't like baths that she can't have one right now. Which in turn lead to a screaming fit and timeout. Kari report that over the last 5 days the two big girls have been exceptionally good. Very few tantrums and very cute. Reagan, however, has found that it is fun to run from one end of the couch to the other end, over the end table, and down the love seat. Probably just to see Mom's reaction. It is fun to give Mom a heart attack. (She doesn't always make it all the way without falling off.)

The natives are getting restless, so more later.


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