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Yep that is what they are calling Jordan's present malady. Madison's condition doesn't seem quite as sever, but she had not been getting better so she is getting the same treatment. The handout says it is an infection of the lower lung airways. They swell, making it harder to breathe. Mucus and dead tissue also collect in these airways. Bronchiolitis is most common during the fall, winter, and early spring. It is most common in children under 2 years old. Bronchiolitis can become serious if a child is premature or has a weak immune system. Here endeth the lesson.

The nebulizer is working well, we are using for both girls, and they are both sleeping soundly. It doesn't sound like we have opened a kennel anymore. It is heartbreaking to hear infants cough like that. I hope that they get over this soon, the medication and steroids are very expensive. When they gave me the bill I told them they made a mistake and that it should be covered by the insurance. "That is the copay." they told me. "Ouch. How do you sleep at night?" No I didn't really say that. I meant to say that but what came out was "Merry Christmas."

It was a little crazy this evening. It seemed like the phone would not stop ringing and the kids, while not as needy as they can be, were still a handful. And we have medication coming out of out ears. You should buy stock in Phizer (Not sure how that is spelled either, but you know the company I am talking about.) I just realized how nice it was to be down to just two medications per child. Now we are back up to five. I am glad that my bride is so organized. If it weren't for her I would have dropped the ball a long time ago.

Hilda has been a Godsend. She was up all night with Madison and then stayed up with the big girls. She even cooked us dinner this evening, not even something she could eat,(She can't eat spicy food.) a meal just for Kari and I. I really can't say enough good about her.


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