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I guess it didn't fizzle

The party came together much better than I thought. We had a pretty good turn out and another confidence builder is behind us. We may actually be able to maintain some sort of social life.

I was so pleased that my folks could join us. The twins have changed so much since the last time that they saw them and photos just don't do it justice.

Kari seems in much better spirits now that it is all over. She was a little stressed about the cake, but it turned out wonderfully.

I will add the rest of the pictures to the slide show here soon.

And to Papa and Grandmom,

You should know that when I was putting Rylee to bed this evening she looked up at me and said "I love Papa...and I love Grandmom." I think that unsolicited "I love you's" are the best.

Jordan dug right in.

Madison got a slow start, but got the hang of it quickly.

We felt bad that we didn't get around to opening the presents. We got to the gifts this morning. Rylee and Reagan had to show the twins how it is done.


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