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New Pictures

There are a couple of new pictures posted. I need to figure out how to make separate albums. The new pictures are in there somewhere.

All is well, but I feel too beat to type a lengthy post at the moment.

The twins went to see the GI specialist again. They have not gained the weight that he hoped they would and we were told to feed them as much high calorie food as possible. He said that we should be able to switch to a less expensive formula now and to whole milk in 6-8 weeks. Overall they are doing great.

It is still overwhelming...

Trying to find the time and energy to clean, on top of chasing kids, is difficult.

Looks like our "return to a social life/birthday" party is fizzling. That is the trouble with associating with pilots and flight attendants, they are never all off at the same time. However, we are looking forward to Grandmom and Papa showing up for the festivities. I guess we really don't need many extra people to make a party anymore, we have 6 without even lifting the phone.


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