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Where to start?

Lets see...

Where to start...

Lots has happened since I posted last.

Rylee our oldest, accident prone, daughter injured herself again. Kari had just come home from the grocery store and set many of the bags on the kitchen floor. Among the items purchased was a case of toilet paper. That package of toilet paper was exactly the right size for Rylee to straddle and scoot around on the kitchen floor while we put groceries away. Sounds harmless, right? I was facing the cupboard putting something away, so I did see exactly what happened, but I heard it. Apparently while she was pushing forward the package of toilet paper stopped moving forward, while she continued on. Since she had a pretty good grip on the plastic wrapper she didn't have time to throw her arms out in front of her to break her fall and her face took the brunt of the impact with a sickening thump. She landed right on her front teeth and upper lip and immediately started bleeding. I took a little while to get her calm enough that we could look in her mouth. I was expecting to see missing or chipped teeth. The teeth were very, very, loose, but she didn't manage to knock them out. Her top lip swelled up to about five times its normal size and her gums turned black and blue, but other than that she doesn't seem too much worse for the wear.

Reagan is still incorrigible. She tests us every day. We really need to start working with her on the potty training, she is ready. However, we are dragging our feet. There just isn't enough time in a day to add that to our schedule.

Jordan is now standing up by herself with out having to pull herself up on something and standing for the better part of a minute. She has not quite figured out how to take a step once she is up, but it won't be long.

Madison is not far behind. I think that she has the balance now to stand on her own, but just doesn't realize that she can do it.

Boy will we be in trouble when they are both walking.

Nana and Grandpa Wayne came over for Father's Day and we had a very pleasant visit. They left this afternoon. We have spent the rest of the day making a cake from scratch. This is a practice cake for the one that Kari wants to make for the twins. She wanted to do something special for them.

I have more to say, but it will have to wait.


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