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I know that I am preaching to the choir, but...

It cost me $185.22 to fill my truck with gas today. I can shake this sense of dread, our economy is going down the tubes. I am sure that many of you know that Continental is laying off 3000 workers. The price of fuel is killing us. Presently I am not afraid of losing my job, but something needs to change.

The twins are doing well and we are in the planning stages of the birthday party. The first birthday is quite a milestone for us considering that the doctor told us to expect to lose at least one of the twins. Kari is planning on making the cake from scratch, she wants it to be special.

The doctors said that we should wait till after the first year before exposing the twins to other people and we have to the extent possible. Now that that year is up we are hoping to reestablish our social life.

The kids need attention, more later.



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