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Little steps are Big steps

Jordan is now standing unassisted for several seconds without holding onto anything and Madison has figured out how to clap her hands. Its not much, but these are big deals for us. I am sure many of you are tired of hearing it, but ever since we were told to expect to lose at least one of these babies that thought is never far from my mind. They really are our little miracles.

We spent the last two days cleaning and chasing kids for the most part. Today we have set aside for playing. So far today we have done arts and crafts, Reagan still has paint in her hair, spent quite awhile playing with the "sit and spin" and matchbox cars. We plan to hit the pool this afternoon.

Rylee and Reagan continue to be "entertaining."

Regan is a little devil. You can catch her red handed doing something that she knows that she shouldn't be doing and she will just smile. She has also found it hugely amusing to run away from me anytime I am trying to change her pants. Any time her diaper is removed she becomes a world class sprinter. I is funny to see a little neckid butt running through the house, accompanied by shrieks of delight, but it starts to lose its charm when two or three other kids are crying and you just want to get some clothes on her.

Both Rylee and Reagan have developed a little bit of a rebellious side. We knew that they would test us at some point, we just didn't expect the testing to come so soon. We have not had a chance to study.


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