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Sorry again that I haven't posted in awhile. I guess there are many reasons that I haven't been posting as much.

1. It really was therapy for me and helped me get through a difficult situation. Now that we are over the roughest spot I don't feel the neeeed to post anymore to maintain my sanity.

2. Even though we are past the roughest part and are no longer overly concerned about the health of the twins, we are really busy. Kari knows better than I, but even with the two of us here it is exhausting and I just don't have the energy to type anything.

3. When I do have the energy and an idea for a post that might be vaguely interesting to read, it is almost impossible to get it all down in one sitting while the kids are awake. As I sat down to type out this post both twins started screaming for no apparent reason and Reagan ran by with out any diaper on. I hadn't even completed a whole sentence. Many times if I don't just type it out the thoughts evaporate and I am left with nothing interesting to say.

4. There isn't that much new happening anymore. We have settled, somewhat, into a routine. Now we worry about money and chase kids around the house trying to prevent minor catastrophes. Just like everyone else.

The latest news:

Madison took her first steps the other day. It is now a neck and neck race to see who will figure out this walking thing first. I always assumed that it would be Jordan, she has always seemed to be a little ahead of her sister in the athletic department.

Madison is cutting two bottom teeth and has been a little grumpy. Jordan's should be coming in soon.

I still have a job. That is good news! I had a Continental pilot on the jumpseat, commuting in from San Antonio, who had gotten his furlough notice that day, July 4th. "Happy independence day" takes on a less festive sound in that situation. I have about 1300 pilots below me and I feel fairly safe at the moment, but things are not going well for the industry. If the price of oil continues to rise... it won't be good.

Kari has been better...
She had a root canal partially done in 2005. They drilled out the middle of her tooth witch became infected. The infection caused a delay before the tooth could be crowned. When she became pregnant with Reagan they were unable to finish it. Then she became pregnant with the twins. Then she was putting it off because the insurance doesn't cover all of it and we did feel like we could afford to do anything about it at the moment. So she has been living with a big hole in her tooth for three years.
Two nights ago she was eating some pop corn and bit down on an uncooked kernel and that tooth cracked in half. Needless to say, she has not eaten much for the last two days while I was gone. Tomorrow she goes to the dentist and we will just have to figure a way to get it paid for.

On top of the tooth, Kari, Rylee, and Reagan had a bout of the flu and spent 24 hours vomiting. Fortunately they have all recovered from that.

We meant to post something on the twins actual birthday, but we got distracted by something. We did open the bottle of champaign that Miss Candy bought us and toasted the health of our little miracle babies. It is truly amazing how far they have come. I am sure that all of the prayers helped. Thank you. I feel very blessed.

Other than the tooth things are going pretty well, everyone is generally happy and healthy.


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