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Not much new...

Not much new to report.

Three of the four girls are cutting teeth and all the fussing has made the mood a little tense around the house. Reagan is finally getting her fang teeth (not sure what they are really called, but I am sure you know which ones I mean.) The twins are getting the front ones in. Madison seems to be the most upset about the whole thing, she is almost inconsolable.

I can't recall if I posted about the sandbox. I think I may have. Anyway, we got sand for it and the girls love it. The only problem is that now the sand is everywhere. In our bed, in the kids beds, on the floor, on the couch. I think that they roll in it when we aren't looking and you can never get it all off them, especially when they start to sweat and then dump it on their heads. Also, as soon as you get them clean, they want to go back out and play in the sand again. It is nice to have a good distraction for the big girls, but when you have to brush them off and/ or bathe them five times a day, that distraction is not serving the intended purpose of giving us more time to attend to other tasks.

We are still very concerned about Kari's teeth. They removed half of the broken one, which cracked all the way down to the bone, and they took care of the infection. However, the quotes for getting her fixed up are astronomical and I am appalled at how little the dental insurance will cover. We are looking for ideas. Anyone?

Thats all I feel like typing right now.


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