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The odd yet amusing

The odd yet amusing things that go on around the home...conversations and events that really should be recorded before they are forgotten.

Today I was laying on the floor of the bedroom playing with the girls, some of you got the videos. Jordan would not stay out of the laundry basket. She would fling her body over the rail and work herself into a sitting position atop the pile of clothes. Then she would happily sort through the clothes selecting choice items to put in her mouth or on her head. I pulled the basket closer to me so I could catch her when she fell out, which was inevitable.

With all the rolling in the laundry (it was clean laundry by the way) her hair was standing up, sticking out like she had just gotten a good shock. I said "Jordan, you have crazy hair." She smiled and drolled. Rylee, who was watching from the bed, chimed in "Crazy hair?"
"Yes, crazzzy hair."
"Rylee crazy hair." Rylee piped.
"Yes, sometimes you do have crazy hair, but look at Jordan's."
"I want smell crazy hair."
"You want to smell her hair?"
"Yes, smell a crazy hair."
She hops down from the bed with a big grin on her face, skips over, plants her nose square on top of Jordan's noggin, and inhales deeply. The grin drops away from her face and her nose wrinkles up. She turns to me and with all seriousness says "Its stinky." Jordan smiles even more and jambs a finger up my nose.

Reading over this I figure I am the only one who found this really amusing.

One of latest behaviors that I have seen with the twins, at least Jordan, is food throwing. Madison, I think, is better at covering her body with whatever is presented to her, but Jordan has perfected the art of flinging her nourishment on the walls and floor. This was much less of an issue before the dogs were exiled to the back yard. In the past the dogs would wait patiently, long, viscous ropes of droll hanging from their jowls, reaching nearly to the floor. Their eyes never leaving the spoon as it travels from jar to mouth and back, just waiting for the moment when they will be allowed to rush forward and devourer any morsels that have fallen or been flung. Now clean up takes considerably more effort.
Today I thought, after a particularly messy meal, "I'll just let the dogs in to clean this up and send them right back out. I will be great." So I open the door and let in Bunker. He goes right to work knowing that competition is probably not far behind. I consider just using Bunker since Bogie is across the yard and hasn't caught on yet, but I figure he would enjoy it, so I call him over. He wasted no time. He rushed in so fast that I didn't notice that his feet were caked in mud (actually most of his lower body was caked in mud.) I realized my mistake as he put on the brakes, so as not to over shoot the highchairs, and left wet, muddy streaks across the floor. Large clumps of mud are now raining down on the floor, mixing with black eyed peas, Velveeta cheese, bread, and mushed up fig newtons. "Out! Out! Out!" I shrieked. They must have been pretty confused. They had to be thinking "I was just doing what you told me."
I just hung my head and sighed. That did not go as planned.

Poop is fun:

As Rylee and I were outside playing she observed one of the dogs doing his business out in the yard. She turned to me and said "I poop in a grass."
"No." I said, "Big girls like you go poop in the potty."
She mulled this over for a moment and then repeated "I poop in a grass." This time a little more forcefully.
"No. Only dogs poop outside. We go poo poo inside. Right?" I thought that was the end of it.

A few hours later Rylee was playing out back, in the sandbox, while I was feeding, changing, and putting the twins down for a nap. As I walked back down stairs I peeked out the window to check on her. She wasn't wearing any pants. That in itself didn't concern me. She doesn't care for being wet or sandy so she will often strip down outside. (I guess we will have to work on that a bit before we send her off to school.) What was troubling was she was very aggitated and trying to shove the dogs away (from something) and scolding them in a shrill voice. I opened the door to investigate and found Bunker on his back rolling near the edge of the patio. Rylee was squatting down and with both hands on his snout, was trying desperately to push him away from the spot he was rolling on. Bogie in the mean time was hopping up and down, tail wagging, alternately licking Rylee then Bunker.
"What is going on!" I had never seen Rylee hit or push the dogs like that.
"Dogs eat it."
"Dogs eat it."
"The dogs ate what?"
"Dogs eat a poop." She says with tears streaming down her face.
"Dogs eat a poop."
"Who's poop?" I ask. She just points at Bunker who is still enjoying rolling in a new scent/odor. (Why do they do that? That and the sniffing of the behinds. I don't get it. I thought they had a highly developed sense of smell.)
"Did you poop in the grass?" I ask. She nods. I sigh. I feel compelled to run through the whole spiel about not pooping outside again as I took her in to clean her up. The dogs need a bath.

Word of wisdom from Kari to one of her online friends:

"...and let your husband have as many toys as he wants. (I was liking that part) That way you can use that as justification for getting whatever it is you want later." (until I heard the reasoning behind it.)

Twin update:

Jordan is now walking more than she crawls. It is very exciting to watch. Madison still feels more comfortable with something to hang onto, but it won't be long.

We go back to the GI specialist on the 13th and hopefully will get the ok to put them on whole milk. I am scared to stop the medication, even though I expect that they don't really need it any more. I don't want them to regress.

The twins are turning their noses up at the pureed baby food now. If they can't pick it up, they don't want it.

Thats all for now. I will try to get some new photos up soon.


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