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Mixing it up

After all this time it is still difficult to tell the twins apart on occasion.

Kari got up the other morning, got the big girls breakfast, prepared the medicine for the babies, and made bottles. When the twins awoke, she was prepared. She brought them downstairs, one by one and changed their diapers. She then gave their medication and proceeded to feed them their first bottle of the day. She fed Madison first and then set her down and picked up Jordan. About halfway through feeding "Jordan", "Madison" started walking around the living room. Since Madison isn't walking yet she looked more closely at the child she was feeding and realized that she had mixed the two of them up. There is no telling when the mix up occurred. Sometimes they get placed in the wrong bed. When you go to the bed on the right and pick up that baby you "know" that you have Madison, or do you? Kari had always prided herself on know which kid was which and was a little put out that she had gotten them mixed up.

Jordan is a walking machine. She walks everywhere and almost never crawls now. I don't recall either of the big girls picking it up so fast. Now the problem is that she is starting to climb (and has no fear whatsoever).

Madison is not far behind. She stands all the time and could walk, but just has not realized that yet.

Lets see ... what else is new?

The dogs continue to decimate and desecrate my back yard. Grandmom and Papa helped us cover all the bare ground around the deck with pavers and gravel. Now the mutts have killed the grass for another seven to ten feet beyond that. Every time it rains, and it rains alot, they two of them become Black Labs instead of yellow.

It is good to continue your education, right? Well, we are learning about eviction this week. Our renters are now two months behind on the rent. Every time they say they are on their way over, they don't show up and don't return my calls. I feel like I have given them every chance and I am just getting the run around. So today we sent them the Pay or Quit letter, required by Texas law. After that they will have three days to pay or get out. I was really thinking that we could work this out, but I now realize that there is a good chance that we are really going to have to kick them out. Disturbing.


Both the big girls are testing us with the bad attitude/disrespect. Reagan has said little other than "NO!" for the past couple of days. I guess this is just a stage. (I hope) Both have a first rate temper. I always figured that the girls where either going to love eachother or hate eachother.

On the other hand, the screaming and whining are sometimes interrupted by moments of calm and acts of kindness. Yesterday I looked up from the kitchen to see Rylee and Reagan dancing around in a circle, facing eachother, holding hands, singing along to some cartoon, and twirling (Ring Around the Rosie style) with sheer delight. This morning Rylee was unable to open a play-doh container, which was making her very upset. Rea grabbed it, which made Rylee more upset. Normally Reagan would scream "NO!" and run away with it, but in this instance, she brought it to me in the other room, had me open it, and returned it to Rylee. I was amazed. This from the kid who takes any toy either twin is playing with as a matter of course. (and then throws it when instructed to return the stolen property.)

There seems to be more competition between the twins lately. Mostly for toys and attention, and what else is there when you are one? Madison is usually the instigator on the toy stealing. Jordan used to just accept the theft without complaint and continue on her way. Not anymore, the gloves come off and she is ready to brawl. "She may be skinny, but shes strong." (Chad, do you know that one?)

Kari is gung ho on getting back into shape. She has been up and working out before the kids wake up. YOU GO GIRL! Watching her has even motivated me to at least think about starting an exercise program too. That and my back went out again and I have been gimping about the house like an octogenarian for the last several days.

I don't feel like proof reading, so there! I am done for now.


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