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I don't recall when I became scared of the dark, but Rylee is there. Now, every night when we go upstairs to put her to bed she refuses to enter her room until the light is on. "Scary, Daddy. Scary, dark." She came down stairs a couple of nights ago and told Kari "I'm scared."
"Why?" Kari asked.
"Monsters." she replied.
"Show Mommy what you are scared of." Kari said and scoped her up to go upstairs.
By the time the reached the top of the stairs Rylee was back asleep.

So my question is: Is it things that we let them watch on TV? I remember being scared as a kid, but not why. Would kids get scared of the dark if we never let them watch TV? Is it in our DNA?

Chad and Meesh called tonight. Thanks guys.

They are much better about keeping in touch than we are and I wanted to thank them for making the effort. We tend to get caught up in our own little dramas, in our own little world. It is nice to get some contact when we forget that we need it.

We got to talking about kids. (I don't have much else to talk about these days. Kids or airplanes it the limit of my daily experience. Just think how Kari feels.) We were discussing the logistics of taking all four kids out alone. Kari has done it once. In need of milk and formula, due to a lack of planning on our part, she decided to take them all to the local HEB. I may have touched on this in a previous post, but I am too lazy to go look and see if that is the case.
Any way she only going to go in if there was a double seat cart near a parking spot. Guess what, there was. So she completed the mission with some difficulty. However, I do think that she enjoyed the attention that she got from the other shoppers. "Wow." She heard that alot, as well as "Bless your heart!", "Double trouble", "You got your hands full", "All girls!?", "Two sets of twins?", "Awhhh." Also, many stares, both adoring and horrified.

So I was telling Chad that I want to take all the kids to the store at least once by myself. I know, I am a moron. But, I am inspired by logistical challenges. I think I get it from my Dad. He got a gleam in his eye every time he was tasked with loading 50 cubic feet of lugage into a 30 cubic foot car trunk. I recall him loading and unloading, pulling, pushing, squishing, and finally sitting on the lid to get it closed. This is related I think. I can't help running the senarios through my mind. Who do I take out of the car first? Would I try to put the twins in a stroller or a cart? What if there was no cart near the parking spot. I can carry both twins and still get one hand free to control an errant toddler, but how do you get the twins out of the car seats, one at a time, without the free one rolling or crawling away?

I will try it.

Kari is off to Florida in a couple of day to see a dentist that my family has gone to since we moved to Sarasota. She is trying not to get her hopes up to high, as far as what he can do that we can afford.

Our renters coughed up one months rent, but not the rent for this month yet. We are still hoping to resolve this without having to evict them.

I am glad to be home from this last trip. It seemed really long. My captain was ... well... odd. There is no other way to really put it. He was not unpleasant, just strange. I have flown with some real morons, ego-maniacal jackasses. This guy was not one of those, but...weird.
Anyway, I'm glad to be home. I didn't get home in time to see the twins, and I am not waking them up, but I did get to wrestle with Ry and Rea for a bit before bed time.

That is all for now.


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