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Who not to tell?

That was a clue to a cross word puzzle that I attempted recently. Do you know what the answer was? "A soul. "

I think that the answer should have been "your three year old." She doesn't get the concept of a secret yet. She also doesn't get the concept of a surprise, unless it is for her of course.

I took Ry with me to shop for Kari's Birthday gift. She was an angel at the store and enjoyed adding her input on gift ideas. She even picked out an appropriate card. We got Kari an inexpensive guitar, so she can check off one more thing from her bucket list, and a set of wine glasses. The glasses that I got her for Christmas have not survived the battle as an effective force. Out of a full platoon of stylish glasses only one is left to carry on the mission of satisfying our thirst. Several were lost shortly after deployment and the remainder have soldiered on regardless of being under staffed and mismatched. After such losses I figured that a surge was in order. While the reinforcements don't match the original the group seems to be bonding. The surge has enabled us to complete any entertaining task that may arise. However, unless the situation changes, which seems unlikely, I can not set a date for the draw down of those forces currently serving in the hostile environment of our kitchen. (that was off the point)

When we got home I told Rylee that this was a surprise for Mom and that this was to be our secret. She nodded in apparent understanding and then rushed into the house shouting "Mama, Mama, Mama! Got you cups!" I am not sure that my wife understood what she was saying at first. Rylee must have thought the same thing, because as I sat on the couch she renewed her efforts to inform Kari of the surprise in store for her. I quickly said "Rylee, come over here. I need to tell you a secret!" She trotted over and pressed her ear to my lips. I whispered "We can't tell mommy what we got her yet. It is a surprise for her birthday. She has to wait until she opens her presents to find out what they are. Okay?" "Okay, Daddy" she replied with a grin. She then turns to Kari and says "Momma, got you surprise, cups!"


At least she didn't spill the beans about the guitar. I think the only reason that was safe was that she was having a difficult time pronouncing it. Kari was surprised by the guitar by the way. I am not the best gift giver and I was pleased that I finally got one right.

Wayne and June where here for the Birthday celebration. Consequently, Wayne brought his guitar along on this trip and was able to give Kari her first lesson. I didn't even know that he played.

The twins are doing well. Madison took four steps without crashing yesterday. Jordan is walking so much now that it is kind of a non-event.

Reagan needs to be potty trained, yesterday. She is now taking her diaper off as soon as she poops. I can't blame her for not wanting to walk around with dirty pants, but it has been a bit... messy.

There is a hierarchy developing among the girls. Rylee of course is at the top. However, Reagan isn't exactly submissive to her, more like defiant. Rylee definitely considers herself the boss though. We have heard such things as "Don't even think about it!" and "Thats not funny!" coming from the other room when they are playing. Rylee is pretty nice to the twins most of the time and much more tolerant of them than Reagan.

Reagan will still inform on Rylee if she is doing something wrong, however, most of her efforts have been channeled into taking toys from the twins while telling them "NO NO NO!" And then pushing them down.


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