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Reagan continues to be an imp, laughing maniacally when she is caught red handed doing anything she is not supposed to be doing. She got a swat on the behind the other day for pushing Jordan down twice. No remorse whatsoever.

On the other hand I caught Rylee giving Madison a kiss on the head because she had fallen over and bumped her noggin.

The twins are having more and more altercations in their quest for attention from Mom and Dad. They have gotten passed the crying only for being wet, tired, or hungry.

I had a moment of clarity today. I realized that "this" is exactly what I wanted. "This" is exactly how I thought it should be, aside from a few financial hiccups (and thanks again to my Mom and Dad. I don't know what we would do without you), this family is turning out pretty much how I thought it should/would.

I think I had a fairly sheltered upbringing. My parents stayed married and if they fought it was never in front of us kids. Everyone in my extended family, with the exception of one or two, stayed married and I never heard about any major strife. What little dirty laundry my extended family had was seldom aired. So I grew up thinking that everyone stayed married, everyone had kids, everyone gets together for the holidays, and there is kindness and goodwill towards men. I didn't really get a taste of reality until probably high school and even then it never occurred to me that my life/family would ever be anything other than this Utopian dream that I had constructed in my head. And I realized today that I have gotten pretty close to that dream. Although, I did think that I would have gotten married and had kids a little sooner. I was coasting along waiting to grow up first. When is it that you grow up? I am still waiting.

Speaking of that, growing up. I am not sure that everyone, or anyone for that matter, ever really does grow up. I was thinking of some of the behavior that I have observed over the years from "adults" and it is not that much different from kids on the play ground. Just look at politics. As I was considering this, Reagan woke up from a nap. She woke up in a perfectly foul mood. When she is grumpy her answer to any question, from "Would you like a time out?" to "How about a bowl of ice cream with chocolate on top?", is a resounding NO! She folds her little arms across her chest, tucks her chin down, furrows her brow, pouches her bottom lip out, avoids all eye contact, and answers any query with "NO, hmmph!" My little cave woman. I wonder if she will ever really change. Maybe she will become a little more refined, but I bet she will grow up and be at least as stubborn as her mother, maybe a little bit more.

It is amazing to she the personalities develop and we are very curious to see what sort of personalities the twins will develop. Will they be the same? They are identical, but I already see differences in their behavior. I should be fun to watch.


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