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Quick Update

It seems to be getting harder to find time to keep up with the posts. Partly because there has not been too much drama lately, which means less interesting material to write about and partly because the twins are requiring more stimulation as they grow. They are no longer happy to just eat and sleep, they would like to play a little, thank you very much. By 9 p.m. I am pretty tuckered out.

Rylee and Reagan went to the doctor and got some shots. Kari says that they did well and the doctor pronounced them "healthy." Although, the doctor says that Rylee should be potty trained by now. I do have to say that getting parenting advice from doctors kind of rubs me the wrong way. Just because they went to medical school, they are experts on your individual child's behavior and development? While they are good in some areas, I think in general we get better despite most of their treatments and nobody knows our children better than us. That being said, the doctor is probably right, Rylee is ready to be trained, but the task seems daunting with all that is going on. Never the less, Kari and I have resolved to put more effort into the potty training of at least Rylee and maybe Reagan. What the heck we should work with the twins too. I figure that we can have them all diaper free by the new year.

We have gotten both twins to laugh now. I don't know if the developmental people think that is a milestone, but it is for us. This is when they start to become much more interesting, instead of just cute. They are both just about rolling over on their own and the developmental people do think that is a milestone.

Kari seems to be doing much better as far as the depression goes. However, this is still a stressful time for both of us. The financial burden of it all is a little overwhelming. We have definitely bitten off more than we can chew, but thanks to my very understanding parents we are still keeping our heads just above water. I finally got a hold of someone in payroll and they tell me that there is no mistake on the amount that they took out of my last check. They even sent me a spread sheet, although I have not had a chance to look at it yet. They say that was the last of the payroll deductions to bring me current, so I have that going for me.

The kids are still getting a pretty good Christmas, we bought their presents before we saw what Continental was deducting from my paycheck. Everyone else is getting skimped on a little bit this year. And I know that it is not about the gifts and it is the thought that counts, but I have been indoctrinated in American consumerism like the rest of you and it is hard to change those habits. More is better, right?

It is also hard to go back to work, leaving Kari to look after all those kids. The nannies have made a huge difference, but it is still a lot of work. I was feeling like we had it just under control when we had me, Kari, my mother, and Hilda all there at the same time. It also will not be much longer before it will be difficult to justify the night nannies. Even if the twins start sleeping 8 hours at the same time, it is really going to increase the workload not to have Candie and Mary Ellen around in the evenings.

We are very much looking forward to having all the grandparents over for Christmas. I am sure that it will be a splendid time. The night nannies will be off for Christmas so this should be a good test to see how well the twins do without them. Can we do it and keep our sanity? That is the question. I just keep telling myself that many people have done more, with less.


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