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Addendum to the last post

While the twins are eating better, they are still being difficult. They are not screaming in pain like they were, but they are not as excited by the bottle as they used to be and it makes for some long days. I sometimes feel that when we start the day we are only waiting for it to be over. Just get through it and this will get easier eventually.

It was Hilda's day off today, but she still came downstairs and helped out several times during the most chaotic portions of the day. I tried to let Kari sleep in for a bit, but it is difficult to keep all four of them quiet for any length of time. Kari stumbled out to see what all the screaming was about when I was trying to give the twins their Prevacid. It is not easy to administer. We have tried mixing it with formula, with oatmeal cereal, with water, mashing them to powder, and we have finally just started to stick bits of the pills into their mouths and hold it against their cheeks till it dissolves. We have wasted a lot of medicine figuring this out. We can now give it pretty regularly without making them gag and vomit.

So I am not worried about them losing weight any more. I am sure that they are getting enough food to grow. However, they are very needy. We did get them to nap for a couple of hours this afternoon, but aside from that one or both have been held all day long and Jordan was up all last night. I keep thinking that we are soon going to come to the point that we will just let them cry it out, like we did with Rylee and Reagan, to get them to sleep through the night. It is going to be tough for all of us. We have been conditioned since the day they arrived to cater to their every whim. And they have been trained that the slightest whimper will summon at least one, if not more, people to sooth them.

It is going to be interesting.

I think that the big girls have been getting a little stir crazy. The weather has been pretty rainy lately and they have not been out of the house for awhile. So today we went to McDonald's to play on the jungle gym and eat some ice cream. Don't you wish that was all it took to entertain you?

That is all for now.


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